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These types of exercises were not very common and only few people were aware of these exercises in recent past. But now these exercises are getting popular in men and even in women. Actually through these exercises the strength and control of those muscles are improved which participate in the sexy activities. There are some muscles behind the anal cavity and penis which control the flow and the amount of blood in the penis which is the main key of erection of penis.


Therefore, through gaining the control of these muscles one could get the long lasting erection for his porno needs which is the dream of every man. In addition to that kegel muscles also control the ejaculation . One could get a comprehensive control over the timing of ejaculation which is again a very rear thing in men. In short, kegel muscles are the most important part of the body which could come to realize the dream of gaining the supper man-power for a man.


The best thing is that everyone could get control of these muscles with some exercises. In the following lines method of kegel exercises are discussed so that one could get benefit of these muscles to make his private life colorful. To start exercise it is necessary to realize the kegel muscles. For this purpose a simple test could be conducted.


In this test you have to stop urine stream with force and the muscles which are taking part in stopping the pee are the required one. After the detection you just have to contract and relax those muscles as much as possible for you. It takes some time i.e. from few weeks to the few moths to gain the best control over kegel muscles.


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